Paul Hessinger

NLP Master Practitioner - Hypnotherapist


I work with individuals and groups. I offer free consultations. My sessions are generally two hours long, unless it is determined that we can work on your issue in one hour sessions.

You will generally fill out my Intake Form which allows you to describe your issue and to look at and think about things a bit differently. I will ask you some further questions when we meet and then we will begin the work on your issue(s).
It is all very organized, comfortable and logical.

I can do telephone sessions in most cases, but usually need to have a free consultation with the client first. I also conduct group hypnosis events with a single theme.

DOWNLOAD a printable pdf file of my informational brochure:


If your group would like to hear more about NLP and Hypnosis, contact me for available dates. I would be pleased to arrange a date for a speaking engagement for your group. I also enjoy doing group hypnosis sessions focusing on one theme.

  phone:   415-378-9294