Francine S.

"Paul was professional, knowledgeable and effective in his work with me. Additionally he seems to have an intuitive sense about how to facilitate the client's process. I highly recommend him as a practitioner."
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
May 2, 2008

Janis Ericson, Director, Lightwork Seminars, International

"Paul Hessinger is one of the finest practitioners in his field. His warmth, compassion, and perseverance are a combination that produces profound results for his clients. I've watched him work many times, and I continue to be impressed with his dedication to helping others. If you have the opportunity to experience his skills for your personal development and healing, I highly recommend you take it."
May 1, 2008 - Janis Ericson was a consultant to Paul Hessinger

Jeff Dearborn -NLP/Hypnosis Testimonial

I have been trying to meditate and achieve a higher state of relaxation and consciousness for nearly twenty years. In all of my time and effort of reading books, listening to tapes, burning candles and incense, and watching sunsets have I ever experienced the attainment of peace, tranquility, and relaxation that I have through being hypnotized by my Practitioner Paul Hessinger. Having a practitioner allowed me to follow a voice that led me to a state on a subconscious level I have been trying to find for a long time. What is really special is that I have been able to recreate this state on my own with varying degrees of success since my initial hypnosis.

Through NLP I have quit smoking and biting my fingernails. This may not sound like a big deal but I have been trying to do this for over thirty years. I know it has only been a month but I have no desire for a cigarette or inclination to bite my nails. These were both unconscious habits I practiced on a regular basis.

Stopping my bad habits are only a fraction of the benefit of NLP. I also have a great sense of calm and peace that I can tap into at any time and carry with me wherever I go. I feel this tool I have acquired will help me in my career as a teacher, and in public speaking engagements in the future.

I recommend NLP to anybody who wants to learn how to achieve a state of greater peace and calm. If you have a habit you want to eliminate, it will help with this as well, but the feeling of peace and confidence I get is what I feel is the most beneficial part of NLP.

I feel like someone has just taught me how to read and now I can read to achieve thousands of accomplishments: Eliminate fear, forgive people, speak in front of large groups without fear, and overcome phobias. These are just a few.

I highly recommend NLP to anybody and I feel I have the best practitioner in the world in Paul Hessinger.
Jeff Dearborn
- A grateful customer

Jeff Dearborn

Jeff Dearborn
I had my first NLP session with Master Practitioner Paul Hessinger on July 7, 2008 to stop my addiction to nicotine and fingernail biting. Today is November 11, 2008 and last Thursday marked my four month anniversary being nicotine free. This Thursday will mark four months since I stopped biting my fingernails. This may not sound like a big deal but I have been trying to do this for over thirty years.

These are some of the definite benefits of NLP but I have also been making a concerted effort before I go into my trances to train my subconcious to improve my Spanish which I have been working on for some time now. I have seen my ability to comprehend what is being said on the Spanish radio station increase at least forty to fifty percent to where I now understand a good 80-90% of what is being said. I have also had a very difficult class to teach this past year and the meditations that I go through during lunchtime have given me an added boost of energy in the afternoon when I need it most. I highly recommend NLP to anyone.
Jeff Dearborn

"Elizabeth" Yvonne M.

Before meeting Paul, I had met and had sessions with two other Hypnotherapists. One specialized in past life regression and the other in "issues." I saw both trying to get to the root of my anxiety and panic. While all sessions with these two were relaxing and enjoyable, I got very little relief from the anxiety.

Paul also does NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and that must be what was missing. In the first session he helped me tremendously. If you would like details (I hesitate to put my "personal biz" here for all the world to see) feel free to send me a message with any questions. I promise to answer.)

Being a nervous wreck back when I first met Paul almost two years ago, I was shocked that I felt instantly calm with him. He is very warm and welcoming as well as very interested in finding out how to best help. As he said, he has "seen and heard it all," so there was no embarrassment when sharing my story and struggles

. I recommend him highly AND NLP seems to be the "missing link" for me in hypnotherapy. Plus he loves what he does and that is important to me. I need to feel whoever I look to for any type of healing is there because they care about people and helping them be the best they can be.

His fees are very reasonable, affordable and totally worth it.
"Elizabeth" Yvonne M.

Alan Patching, Managing Director, Australia

20th August 2006
To Whom It May Concern

Recently, while visiting the USA, I consulted with Mr. Paul Hessinger for a session in hypnotherapy based NLP. I was most satisfied with the results of that session.

Mr. Hessinger was very thorough and insightful in the questions he asked of me in preparation for this NLP work, and entirely professional during the session itself. His creativity of approach was most impressive, and I am very satisfied with the benefits he has opened up for me with his elegant, self-confident and impressively informed approach.

To say that Mr. Hessinger induced in me a deeply relaxed state prior to commencing the NLP work would be a huge understatement. I simply was more relaxed than I can recall ever previously being, and I have no doubt this depth of relaxation was a significant contributor to the results achieved; and while confidential, I can assure you these results were beyond my wildest expectations. The exercise in relaxation has also assisted me greatly with my own meditation and relaxation since returning home, a most valuable benefit I had not considered prior to consulting Mr. Hessinger.

If any reader of this unsolicited testimonial is considering hypnosis or NLP intervention for any business or personal confidence issue, phobia, or allergy in particular (please note I get the very strong impression that Paul's skills are not limited to these fields) I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Hessinger's services. Should you wish further information prior to making any booking with Mr Hessinger, please feel free to contact me by email at

Alan Patching
Managing Director


Paul is a highly effective Guide and an amazingly powerful healer. He can help to break through the most stubborn of psychological patterns and lead you on a new road to freedom! I highly recommend him for any area that one appears stuck.


Barbara 2

Paul is amazing at what he does. He is a genuine, intuitive, compassionate, and gifted man. He loves what he does and it shows in the details of the sensitive yet profound work I have done with him. There has been a positive shift in my life I can only thank Paul for. In addition to the session he provides a CD to listen to at home which I enjoy every evening at bedtime. I highly recommend Paul for any sensitive issues you may be dealing with. From the moment I walked in to his office I felt a sense of comfort. I knew I was at the right place to get the help I needed. If I could I would simply post a big heart because my heart feels the relief from your work :-)

Barbara 2 - San Francisco

Marsha C.

..."The sessions generated a gentle, yet direct process that assisted me in breaking through some rather ingrained patterns of emotional eating. Through the use of food journals that targeted emotional triggers, and through my own experiences with food, Paul was able to guide me through my emotional past using my own words in a loving yet surprisingly quick process. By accessing my subconscious mind through hypnotism, we were able to locate problem areas and encourage my subconscious to work WITH my conscious mind to reach my goals. Paul made a tape for my use at home to further practice what we did in the sessions. Additionally, he taught me techniques for self-hypnotism to use the rest of my life.

Since my NLP sessions with Paul, I find that I can forgo much of the "free" food in my world with very little effort. I am choosing food for health rather than for solace. I use my new tool of self -hypnotism for many reasons - food and non-food alike. Paul helped me to reaffirm what I already know. The answers to my difficulties are in me already. I CAME EQUIPPED TO DEAL. Life and all its tribulations combined together to make me doubt my own power and knowledge. NLP is a powerful tool to help me get back to myself and the power within.
Marsha C.

Kristin S.

I can't believe that after just one hypnosis/NLP session I didn't smoke ALL weekend! Although I didn't smoke on a daily basis, as soon as I would have a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage I would end up smoking. This has been going on since I was 17 (and I am now 37). Finally I decided I had had enough of this disgusting habit. This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in a wedding with all of my best girlfriends; I knew everyone would end up smoking and they did! Paul fit me in for a hypnosis session on the day before the big day; and to my surprise (and to the surprise of my girlfriends), I didn't smoke all weekend! I have had 2 friends quit smoking for good thru hypnosis and both of them were "full-time" smokers! I thought if THEY can do it, then I can too! I have been listening to the CD he made me every night and look forward to our follow-up session on Friday. Who would have thought it could be so easy? I should have done this a long time ago.

Thank you Paul I feel free.
Kristin S.

Christopher Cody

I have worked with Paul Hessinger and I want to take this moment to honor him for the man that he is. It's difficult to find passion, love, common sense and a quest for knowledge and truth in one package. You will find this and much more when you spend time with this man. His abilities to help one create change at a very deep level using the principles and strategies of NLP will pleasantly surprise you.

Kindest Regards, Christopher Cody Phoenix, AZ